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Oh my I really am so out of practice with shooting my moving boys! So I took 15 minutes outside on a fresh morning at the beginning of autumn! It’s stunning the light in our yard as the sun rises that makes me happy! So you get a 10 minute macro snaps of our morning..
IMG_8159PINIMAGE IMG_8162PINIMAGE IMG_8164PINIMAGE IMG_8172PINIMAGE IMG_8173PINIMAGE IMG_8179PINIMAGE IMG_8184PINIMAGE IMG_8186PINIMAGE IMG_8193PINIMAGE IMG_8228PINIMAGE IMG_8229PINIMAGE IMG_8234PINIMAGEand seriously who can resist little 4yo toes:)pink polish an all:) IMG_8237PINIMAGE

Head over to MiaLynn Photography’s blog to see how her outside images look!

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The 3 minute easter art project. I saw this craft post on pinterest or facebook and thought I would give it a try with the kids. Caden is not overly interested in art like this and I thought Lachie would love it. But um no. His limit was about 60 seconds. Tyler did sit for quite a few pages painting and playing with designs! So not a failure since they all at least had a go and we got some pretty easter art to hang


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This month’s theme for our circle of inspiration is connection. I love that when I looked up the definition of connections there are so many different variations to the theme!

1. a relationship between things or events
For me this month Ive tried to go back to capturing the details of everyday moments. Connecting to the wii

IMG_7291PINIMAGEcooking and the connection between the elements involved with cooking – food, tongs, pan, heating element IMG_7303PINIMAGEdrawing – the connection between pencil and paper IMG_7337PINIMAGE

2. a relationship between people or groups

I love love love seeing the connections between my boys. I know Ive mentioned some of these before but their relationships are strong and its such a beautiful thing to see.


3 a train, bus, or plane that allows you to continue a journey after you arrive by a different train, bus, or plane


4. a means of communicating using a telephone or computer network – I think that this definition could have a little bit more depth to it. Yes today’s society definitely utilises the telephone or computers all the time. While I was shooting this month Ive also realised that my big boys are developing their own connections with the written word. Both the big boys are delving into the worlds with in books like Divergent and Harry Potter. This is such an enormous success for me to see this! I know that my Dad and I are voracious readers, my brother and my hubby on the other hand are not. For a while I worried that they boys wouldn’t love to read, but then looking over the last few weeks of photos… they do connect with their quiet. The do connect with the characters that come to life in the pages of their novels. 



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In These Moments is using light as our theme this month. As we are transitioning between summer and autumn, getting closer to the end of daylight savings, mornings are definitely darker a lot later than they have been. I wish I could say that the kids were sleeping longer but nope 6 am and we are up and at em!

This morning I happened to glance through the door and saw Ty tying his shoes in this pocket of light in his room. This made me run for the camera.


So we snapped away and I handed over the camera to the kids as well. Mornings are slow to get going, messy and snuggly all at once.


Then I realised that I usually delete images like this of myself, but this is how my kids seem me. They see me crawling out of bed, putting up my hair while chatting to them, reaching over to the bedside table to grab my glasses. These while they are not perfect images technically, they are perfect moments because its our life.  IMG_7362PINIMAGE IMG_7369PINIMAGEHe runs away giggling in that pocket of light and dark IMG_7359PINIMAGEcomes back to crash tackle me in the doorway LOL IMG_7358PINIMAGE


and this my friends is why documenting our days, our moments makes my heart smile. We arent perfect, its not all sunshine and roses but its us!

head over to Christine’s Blog to see her In these moments blog!

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  • Janelle Griffith - Love your use of morning light! That is so our messy, crazy morning … Our light builds slowly from one lamp beside the bed to every light in the house on lol.ReplyCancel

I am a big pinterest and google fan. Its an amazing visual wealth of knowledge. My journey with Jamberry is teaching me how to search for tools that I have never really done on my own – like manicures! I love a good mani, but never really knew the steps beyond, file your nails and try to grow them. With Jamberry I have started expanding my knowledge! After reading and watching an more reading I finally found a few steps to doing a perfect mani. This actually made me have a look a the Jamberry products that I have had sitting there in their boxes looking pretty for parties. Its made me realise that how can I recommend a product without actually seeing what it is like. So it was educate myself this week with the new products and the current products and give myself time to make some personal experience thoughts and opinions on them!
So this led me to creating some visuals with our products!


All these products (except the nail polish remover which is not available in Australia and New Zealand) can be found at JLB JAMS


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Today is the one day that I really let go on my cake decorating inner baker! This time of the year I love the challenge of creating our birthday cakes. I was actually prepared a bit earlier this year since its easter that has fallen right in line with my birthday! So of course I scour my pinterest boards for a new cake inspiration and find a way to make it mine! Yesterday I decided on a purple ombre cake! Here are a few images of my birthday cake:)

IMG_7495PINIMAGE IMG_7496PINIMAGE IMG_7502PINIMAGE IMG_7509PINIMAGE IMG_7510PINIMAGE IMG_7516PINIMAGE IMG_7522PINIMAGEit was super yummy! and some left over for snacking on tomorrow!


and just because I went with a purple theme…  please excuse the mobile phone pic! it was late when I did them! Here are some Diamond Dust Sparkle and Damsel in Distress Jamberry Manicure

IMG_3619PINIMAGEits pretty huh!
So that is one little piece of my day today! More later once I gather all our phone photos!

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Its been 3 months since I started something new. I’d been an observer, a learner and yes a skeptic. Im talking about Jamberry Nails. Have you heard of them before? I’ve been really lucky because I was introduced to them 2 years ago through my amazing American friends. I watched from afar. I loved the look of them, the idea of them, but at the same time – could I honestly invest in a product that I had to order from the USA. At the time I didnt really think I could. And now? I wish I had. BUT Jamberry Launched in Australia last October, I tried a sample. hated them  – BUT I have to confess that I didn’t apply them properly, I put every single sample wrap on all my fingers so there was no cohesive look as they were all vastly different patterns, yep never touching them again LOL. See how is says choose a sample – not PUT ALL OF THEM ON AT ONCE! samplecardPINIMAGE

fast forward a couple of months and I had another try  – this time I was shown what to do, how to apply. and yep you guessed it. LOVED THEM!

IMG_1963PINIMAGE mymaniPINIMAGE rosegoldsparklePINIMAGE
rosequartzPINIMAGE 12821411_501863723355581_4188688819836233350_nPINIMAGE rosegoldsparkletoesPINIMAGE

addicted LOL! So I decided to become an Independent Jamberry Consultant. Enter JLB JAMS:)
I immersed myself in the whole Jamberry world and it has tickled the need for learning, for community, for renewing the confidence to communicate with people other than my nearest and dearest. I have had a little rest from my camera. Im still shooting but not so obsessively. Probably because Ive been obsessively building up my Jamberry knowledge! Ive started building my team with some amazingly talented women who are juggling families, and careers and all the bits and bobs associated with normal life! But like me they saw the products, had a play and decided that why not! its never hurts to receive an income from doing something that makes you feel amazing about your self.

It was this last statement that really hit home with me when I realised after talking to some friends about Jamberry that it makes me feel awesome. A great mani and pedi might be something little. But given the journey to regain the confidence in myself this was huge! I relaxed, I socialised, I was having fun! I was meeting new people, getting out my comfort zone. It was also paying for itself. That is huge! Its been 3 months now and I can see myself setting bigger and better goals, finding more team members, buying more wraps, lacquers and gels.
start shooting again. for now its still my boys. But Im not ruling out opening up my books again. This is something I never thought I would be able to think. That I am starting to think about doing shoots – outside of documentary photography, back to portraits. But for now, I’ll  set some personal projects that I am already involved in, I’ll introduce my JLBP readers to my world of jamberry, and my JLB JAMS clients to my world of photography. In my book that is the way my life is supposed to be!

So stay tuned! back to my daily shooting, back to talking and teaching about JAMS, back to welcoming new habits, new people and new experiences into the JLB circle.

So can you find me still at JLBP on facebook? you sure can! I’m still there!
Can you find JLB JAMS on facebook? yep –  – come on over, like my page! Join in the fun and chats and games and product showcases that are happening right now!
Can you have a look at the wraps, lacquers and gels that I love at the moment? sure can! right here! or click on the picture below!



So that is what’s been going on. I’m back into the swing now and giving myself April to catch up with my JLBP world! and merge it!



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