Where it all began….

For a long time… as long as I can remember there has always been a book or a memory maker in my hands. If that was a journal or a craft project or a camera it meant that I was constantly making memories. There has always been a love for documenting what is happening in our lives from the time I was tiny – my dad and my uncle were the documentarians then!

That love of having a camera handy to capture the moments of the every day started so early! Its continued to this day!

Im a wife to my husband, Darren of nearly 20 years and mama to 3 crazy full of energy, never stop attitude and questions boys that are hitting the teenage years with a love of sport and home and just everyday awesomeness.

I first picked up the camera about 12 years ago when my two eldest were still toddlers and honed my skills on them and their friends in the neighbourhood. It wasn’t until our youngest arrived 8 years ago that my love of documenting the everyday in authentic storytelling images really took over. I swear he is the most documented third child ever haha!

I am inspired daily by my three boys and pretty light – combining both together as often as I can! Being a mama to sport crazy, rugby & golf loving teenagers and a wanna be teenager still loves to snuggle close means that there is often a lot of light, laughter and bruises! It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday and forget to slow down and appreciate the times that you capture those memories.

Children are inherently happy but some of my best memories are where my children are cracking the hugest tantrums over the mundane… (think huff post parenting tweets haha). They have the memories of the everyday and the special occasions and the OMG Mum go away! haha

Do you sometimes you get the overwhelming feeling that life is busy and you can feel those moments and milestones are slipping past so fast? Me too! Would you consider letting me spend some time with your loved ones  – your newborn baby, your wild child that loves life, your partner in life, your families and friends helping your capture some special and authentic emotions and moments that you will have for years to come?

It’s the ability to stop time and create images that bring you right back to that exact moment of what life was like right then that brought me to now.

I would love to chat with you about what makes your family you!!