These sessions are all inclusive – that means there is a minimum number of images available for your session but telling your stories always means there are more! By being all inclusive tyou dont have to decide on your favourites!! you download them all from your private online gallery!

Having children shows you that every single day something new and exciting happens.

A documentary session is one that captures those moments that are perfectly normal every day moments! Its not about sitting and looking at the camera, its your connection within your family!
A discovery session, a play time, a princess or pirate party, a tea party, a fort to conquer, a mummy and me (or daddy too!) session!
Documenting these milestones is something I know I look back at with my children that I’m so glad I was able to grab! Imaginations are running rampant in children from ages 1 onwards and these sessions are so much fun as we document how your little one discovers the world around them!
These sessions are held in the comfort of your own home or your favourite activity location (eg the park) where your child is most comfortable. We let their imaginations fly, let them choose the outfits to wear and share their favourite toys!
I focus on capturing the details of your adventure with your little one and their love of life in the now!



Capturing your family in their favourite together time. Sometimes the mood or moment grabs us and totally takes us away!
It might be in your back yard swinging or blowing bubbles and the giggles are infectious, It might be story time snuggled under your favourite softest blanket cause its cold out there!
It may be a loud and crazy game of UNO or Monopoly ( as my family tends to drag out all the time!)
Family Documentary sessions are a way to document your children as they are right now, but also a way for your to document your parenting journey!
Allowing your to be in your family’s story so that when you look back over your memories you see that you were there!!
Not hear that oh mum was behind the camera or oh Dad was holding the phone while we grabbed the video of you being cute!!
Its your chance to be in the moment without the worry of not being documented as well!!

Up to two hours in length
Immediate family members.
Multiple outfit and activity changes
All selected and professionally edited images in your gallery
minimum of 50 images
High resolution digital images to download, print as you wish.
Web-size digital images to share on social media



These sessions are perfect for a birthday or milestone moment! Turning 2? want to remember what the little things that they love at two? three? how they play dress ups as Elsa or become Spiderman ALL THE TIME!! There is no typical session for a Document Me session because every single person does things in their own unique ways. Let me help you embrace the uniqueness of this time.
My babes are growing up way too fast and honestly I’m still finding new things that they do and they are rapidly heading to middle teenage years!!
Suitable for short activity for 2-5 year olds – because lets be honest they have attention spans of about 15 minutes and flit like butterflies to the next colourful thing or insist MAMA DO! !
Document Me Sessions are perfect ways to record the activities you love to do with your children!
Mama/daddy/grandma/grandpa and me moments, playdoh, at the park, story time, making cupcakes… the fun favourites to do together!

45 minutes
2-3 activities
minimum of 10 professionally edited images