Hour by Hour Challenge

It’s been a big change this week…. the consequences of the spreading COVID-19 virus are becoming more apparent. Today was the day I decided that they needed to be home from school and their school was shifting to an online format from today. It’s daunting this new reality we are facing… not only having such massive social changes but a shift in how our life looks. Schooling from home is certainly a new experience for us and one that will need some time to fall into a rhythm and routine.

When reading this blog post about the hour by hour project I thought it’s a great way to document the days. And to perhaps do it routinely we get a glimpse on the covid shut down and how’s its affected us

So our days always start early.

6:30 am always comes early and with it being at least one child up in the 6 am hour. He is kinda obsessed with the rubix cubes.

7:30 am. The bigs start to emerge.. its the first day of online learning so they are still in the get up for school mentality. I wonder if it will last?

8:30 am he’s into the maths already… estimation and counting with sultanas

9:30.. logging into Google classroom on my iMac since his laptop died

10:30 apparently its snack time already haha

11:30 am.. innocently trying to make cupcakes and I get dragged away…

12:30… and its now lunch time….

1:30pm … they’ve completed most of their work so its play time with the basketball… burning off some of their energy

2:30.. prickle removal time… maybe someone should have worn shoes

3;30 work out time – this kid has been working so hard to get into prime physical shape for football season and then bam COVID-19 happens. Trying to maintain may be a bit of a long term goal with how this pandemic predictions are turning out

5pm.. I kinda missed the 4pm time slot by a few minutes! but that is ok! The end of the the day they tend to end up outside while decide what we are having for dinner.

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